Always Evolving with Coach Mike

Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer is a fun and informative podcast created in a 45-minute episodic format in order to deliver both knowledge and entertainment, while staying on pace with our fast-paced lifestyle. Coach Mike brings on fascinating guests, and their conversations offer fresh perspectives, unconventional wisdom, and essential solutions.

We all know the term “life coach” has been misused and so widely applied that its meaning has been muddied over time, and that’s why Coach Mike is bringing clarity and purpose to the field. What sets Coach Mike apart from other life coaches is his unique blend of clinical training and artistic drive. He has spent years helping talent develop their authentic skills, find purpose, and—yes— he’s helped many folks find financial success as well. Coach Mike has a background of hands-on training and experience in counseling and interventions, and he owns a dual-diagnosis treatment center. He’s also refreshingly and unabashedly outspoken about his own mental health challenges.

Coach Mike has developed an extensive repertoire of best practices that can empower anyone and everyone to reach peak performance, living intentionally and being truly joyful. As a New York Times bestselling author, a global empowerment leader, and with his robust social media following, Coach Mike’s reach is continuously expanding, and this podcast is another forum he’s using to share valuable insight and content designed to help you live each day of your life rooted in your authenticity.

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